noxscreen #1 Snow White


basic, pearly cream white paint, for rooms dedicated to home theater. vivid colors, high reflection, very easy to paint. just perfect



Color of this paint

remember the color on your device screen may look different

Discover noxscreen paint

basic features of our product. remember you can always ask us questions if you have doubts or need more information and advice

– 947ml of paint is in one can
– one can is enough to paint up to 150 inch screen
– you can paint the screen on a wall, wooden board, gypsum board, banner and other surfaces
– you can paint with a roller or paint sprayer (paint sprayer recommended)
– you do not need a primer, use noxscreen # 0 primer only when the surface has uneven absorption

screen gain

from 1.3 to 1.6 thinner layer, greater gain (e.g. painting with a paint sprayer)

viewing angles

the highest on the market 170 degrees. convenience and comfort of watching

pearl effect

the same as in large cinemas, a professional pearl screen at home

no fog effect

colors do not fade, contrast does not decrease due to reflected light.
perfect picture

easy to paint

use a roller or paint sprayer quickly and conveniently. the paint dries quickly

ecological paint

safe for you, your loved ones and the environment. water-dilutable.
no bad smells

useful packaging

You can wash the paint can in water and use it to store small items.
it’s so simple

durable screen

projection screen for years, does not change color, does not lose its properties

noxscreen paint has 4 types of crystals to ensure a perfect image, without glare, no discoloration

perfect paint, modern technology, refined product

noxscreen is a combination of selected and selected acrylic dispersions, spherical fillers, top quality pigments and waxes. it took almost a year to develop this paint. the final product is unique, easy to paint. the image projected from the projector is full of vivid and saturated colors, deep construct and unique black. your new screen will look like a big TV, without color blur, color loss or contrast. just perfect

what is the difference

noxscreen projection screen paint thanks to its properties completely changes what we see on the image displayed by the projector. the colors are vivid and saturated, the blacks are deep and the contrast is at a very high level. on the left photo you can see the image displayed on a plain white screen on the right photo the image displayed on the screen painted with noxscreen paint

see in action

Additional information

Weight 1.180 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 14 cm


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