projector screen paint

noxscreen is a paint that replaces a standard projection screen

discover deep blacks, vivid natural colors, paint your projection screen, noxscreen is a paint for the projection screen, thanks to it you will paint your wall, existing screen or other surface and you will get an amazing effect, at a low cost. Our paint is available in 4 colors, tailored to your needs and conditions in your home cinema.

vivid colors

never before has the image projected from a projector had such vivid and saturated colors. thanks to the paint for projection screens noxscreen you will feel like in the cinema, you will be in the cinema even when your room do not have perfect conditions. noxscreen is a hi-tech paint for the projection screen that you will paint on the wall, banner, board and other even surfaces.

high contrast

the noxscreen projection screen paint from the # 2, # 3, # 4 series will give you an unprecedented contrast. By choosing and using as many as four types of microcrystals, your screen will look like a large LCD TV. paint your screen today. thanks to the pseudo ALR, your image will always be contrasting, and the light reflected from the walls and ceiling will not cause deterioration of the image and so-called fog effect.

deep blacks

paints # 2, # 3 and # 4 will give you deep natural blacks. Your image will gain tonal depth. No more faded blacks. The projector is unable to display black, your blackness will depend on the color of your screen and the amount of ambient light in the room. With gray screens you will get a huge improvement in black and thanks to the pseudo ALR effect you do not have to worry about the amount of ambient light anymore.

is it ALR screen?

Yes and no. Standard ALR screens have a special structure that reflects the light from the projector to the viewer at the right angle, and the light from the room at another angle. Typically, such screens can only be used with USTR projector or standard projector only, never alternately.

It is physically impossible to get this structure in the paint, but many manufacturers mislead their customers and call their screens ALR screens.

We took a different direction, we create the pseudo ALR effect. Our paints, thanks to the use of appropriate transparency and 4 types of crystals, are able to diffuse and partially absorb unnecessary light from the room, at the same time reflecting the light from the projector in the right direction. However, this is not your typical ALR screen and will handle less ambient light than a structured screen.

noxscreen #5 Black Border

screen paint, ultra black, unique, absorbs up to 95% of light, very efficient. easy to paint. enough for a frame up to 10cm wide for a screen up to …
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noxscreen #4 Onyx

ultra alr effect, paint suitable for all types of rooms, ultra high contrast, spray painting only. the darkest paint of all of them. number one paint…
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noxscreen #3 Dark Abyss

very gray paint, good reflection coefficient, excellent contrast, vivid saturated colors, very deep blacks, paint intended for rooms with more light,…
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noxscreen #2 Simple Gray

basic gray paint, high reflection, very good contrast, vivid saturated colors, paint intended for rooms with a small amount of ambient light, …
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noxscreen #1 Snow White

basic, pearly cream white paint, for rooms dedicated to home theater. vivid colors, high reflection, very easy to paint. just perfect
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noxscreen #0 Primer

transparent base, primer for paint. it should be used if there is a risk of uneven surface absorption. mix 1:1 with tap water. paint with a roller …
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