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Screen painting instructions with NOXscreen paint

Very important. Please read the following instructions.

Painting the screen with NOXscreen paint is a simple task and can be done by people with basic knowledge of painting. The following instruction is to facilitate the painting, respecting its principles, you will obtain the desired screen properties. If you are afraid that you can not cope with painting, use the services of a professional. If you have any doubts or questions, contact your local partner or contact NOXscreen directly.

If you have such a possibility, we recommend spray painting, then you will get an ideal screen surface.

Before starting work, prepare a room in which the screen will be painted:
– protect surfaces and objects around the screen using tape and painting foil
– use protective clothing, gloves, protective goggles and a mask
– keep paint away from children, do not allow direct contact with mucous membranes and skin
– ensure adequate ventilation of the room during painting
– ventilate the room while the paint is drying
– store paint at +5 to +35 degrees Celsius
– never add water or other paints to the noxscreen paint
– when painting large surfaces (over 130 inches, or the entire wall), paint only with a paint gun (large air stream, small stream of paint/paint setting) in the case of painting with a gun, you can add tap water (never add distilled / demineralized water) paint with mist

Tools and surface for painting:
– the surface must be smooth and even (it is of great importance, shadows may appear on an uneven surface and uneven distribution of crystals in the paint may occur)
– the surface must be clean and must not be oily
– the surface can not be slippery, if the surface is slippery, it should be wiped with fine abrasive paper and then the base layer should be made using any wall paint (acrylic, latex) in the same color or similar to the color of the screen paint
– use a nylon roller with a bristle length of 5-8mm (recommended roller from the series with a red stripe), use a roller with a minimum width of 18cm or more
– we recommend using a paint gun, set the gun on a small amount of paint (paint with a mist) and a large amount of air. We paint thin layers with mist, we do not have to cover the screen thoroughly at the first layer, you can paint 2-3 layers. Using a paint sprayer will provide an ideal screen surface, it’s easy and speeds up painting. You can use any spray gun with a 1.4-1.7mm head designed for varnishes etc. (e.g. DEXTER POWER PLD 3120, WAGNER HVLP W150, WAGNER W570 FLEXiO paint guns) paint guns can be for example rented from construction equipment rentals
– mix paint in a litter box (or gun) and in a tin, this will ensure the correct distribution of the crystals. Before use, mix the paint in the can well (shake the can for a minimum of 2 minutes, holding the can closed upside down). Due to the large amount of crystals contained in the paint, it may happen that they fall to the bottom of the can, then the paint should be mixed well using a manual or mechanical stirrer, check bottom of tin if crystals stay on bottom mix again
– never add water and other paints to the product, it will destroy the properties of the paint, always use a dry roller
– if there is a suspicion that the wall has uneven absorption, pre-prime the wall with NOXscreen #0 priming undercoat, or any white matte, water-based enamel. A wall that has uneven absorbency will give the effect of lighter discoloration with any colored paint, especially with noxscreen paint

– mix the paint well by shaking the can vigorously before using it for 2-5 minutes, after opening the can, mix it again using a tool (eg spatula) taking care to mix the embedded paint from the bottom of the can
– it is recommended to paint only two layers of paint (no more, you can paint 3 layers for paint # 1 Snow White)
– the layers must be thin, apply the paint in vertical stripes, overlapping one another. Paint until the paint roller no longer has paint, then apply paint again to the roller using the cuvette
– press the roller well to the surface (but not too tightly) so that the paint is spread evenly with thin layer
– do not return to the previous stripes of applied paint, except when the stripes are overlapping one another
– if you see the effect of an orange peel (texture of paint on the surface), it means that you are applying too thick layer of paint
– try to paint each layer of paint in no more than 10 minutes (assumption for the screen size 100-120 inches)
– wait for a minimum of 4 hours between painting the next layer
– do not use the roller for too long in one place
– finish painting stripes by pulling the roller from the top to the bottom of the screen (the last layer of paint)

Remember to apply very thin layers of paint, the last roller stroke from the top to the bottom of the screen, paint in vertical stripes, never add water and other paints.

After painting, wash the tools, remove the foil and protective tape. The screen dries about 8 hours, the final properties are obtained after about 48 hours.

Useful tips:
– make sure the screen is not in front of the window
– make sure that the screen is not directly in front of the light sources like the pendants, sconces, etc.
– paint at room temperature and normal humidity
– NOTE: when painting large surfaces when 2 or more cans are required, mix all cans together in one larger container. This will ensure uniform properties of the entire surface. Particularly relevant for colors # 2 and # 3. When painting screens over 130 inches, only use a paint sprayer, #4 only spray painter.

If you have read the instructions, you can proceed to painting. At any time, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

A film with painting instructions will be available soon.